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Introducing Lamb & Shadow soft selection

Saturday, Decemebr 9 and Sunday, December 10, we present the new „pure boxers“-line: Soft selection. A quick colour preview:

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Selected colours available at TORQUATO

Choices everywhere! TORQUATO have decided to offer Lamb & Shadow Vienna Lined Boxers to their educated customers. It is our pleasure, we look forward to our cooperative work.

copyright Torquato 2017

If you will, you may find a wide range of selected, most appealing quality products.

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Eckerle Stuttgart now offer Lamb & Shadow Pure Boxers


Six colours, five sizes, first quality.

Important advice: New location at Stiftstraße 5, Stuttgart.

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Guess what: ABACI Edition pop-up-store opening yesterday

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Jim´s Testimonial of August 8, 2016

„Hi Helmut

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you!
Thank you for sending me the boxers and for the FREE sample as well!
Payment was made and must already have reached your bank.
I tell you I really like the boxers. The fit is superior to the normal cut. Even Schiesser has this problem of being a big baggy mess,AND a seam running in the middle of the seat which can feel like very uncomfortable at times.

So hats off! Well done! You should be better known and I will tell everyone I know about you when the subject arises.

Thanks again and take care. Good luck with your endeavors.
Kind regards

Lamb & Shadow rules! Thank you, Jim!

(P.S.: I know, I know: Men´s underwear NEVER arises as a topic amongst the crowd; nevertheless this is a fine attitude!)

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Heads up

In OCTOBER a POP-UP-STORE might just be offering a SPECIAL COLLECTION in FRANKFURT. And if so, Lamb & Shadow will be in the context.

Aaaah, we feel excitement!

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For your viewing pleasure: Our Lamb & Shadow Instagram account

IMG-20160808-WA0000Lamb & Shadow finally on Instagram

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Showroom opening in January

New, but in hindsight: For the first time we are in the happy position of being able to present our entire variety of products and accessories in their respective context.

To all the attendees: Your benevolence is and will be much appreciated.

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Drunter und drüber in München!

Wir werden es Ihnen zeigen! Gemeinsam mit APSON (Hemden) und Märzkind (Anzüge) sind Sie herzlich eingeladen zu einem kurzweiligen Abend.

Info und Anmeldung

While we will show & tell, you are cordially invited to bask in the opportunities of improving your wearing apparel.

Dunter und drüber!
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Breuninger offers Lamb & Shadow online

With much appreciation and quite a thrill of anticipation please be informed of the new offer by Breuninger: Breuninger Online Shop 2/3-Packs (scroll down a bit, if you don´t mind).

Breuninger Online Shop 02_11_2015

Kindly observe the remarkable difference to the most respectable products in close proximity.