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Showroom opening in January

New, but in hindsight: For the first time we are in the happy position of being able to present our entire variety of products and accessories in their respective context.

To all the attendees: Your benevolence is and will be much appreciated.

Drunter und drüber in München!

Wir werden es Ihnen zeigen! Gemeinsam mit APSON (Hemden) und Märzkind (Anzüge) sind Sie herzlich eingeladen zu einem kurzweiligen Abend.

Info und Anmeldung

While we will show & tell, you are cordially invited to bask in the opportunities of improving your wearing apparel.

Dunter und drüber!

Breuninger offers Lamb & Shadow online

With much appreciation and quite a thrill of anticipation please be informed of the new offer by Breuninger: Breuninger Online Shop 2/3-Packs (scroll down a bit, if you don´t mind).

Breuninger Online Shop 02_11_2015

Kindly observe the remarkable difference to the most respectable products in close proximity.

PURE BOXERS Fall/Winter 2015 colours

8 (eight!) new colours: Available at Breuninger (Stuttgart and Düsseldorf) and Kampmann (Heidelberg) only. (The actual size of the depicted patterns is approx. 4 x 4 cm)


Vienna Lined Boxers on taylor´s dummy

Spring statement pieces

Pure Boxers on taylor´s dummy

Spring statement pieces

Pure Boxers Spring 2015

Another peek.





F358077 19

Soft blue dots


Boxer Blau

An encore. A loop of the loops, if you like.

Vienna Lined Boxers Spring 2015

First peek. More to come soon.

F358108 19



F357291 15

Max dots


F366287 17



Gewinner des diesjährigen Forum-Preises 2014 der TextilWirtschaft und damit bester deutscher Department Store.

Finalist im Rahmen der Konferenz „The Global Department Store Summit“ in der Kategorie „Best Department Store of the World 2014“

Best department stores in the world / finalists


Boxershorts ohne Innenfutter.